Monday, August 4, 2008

Welcome to the Greater Boston LIVESTRONG Army!

This blog will be used a resource for the Greater Boston LIVESTRONG Army, which serves as a local affiate of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) inspires and empowers people affected by cancer. The LAF helps people with cancer focus on living; they believe that unity is strength, knowledge is power, and attitude is everything. From the moment of diagnosis, the LAF provides the practical information and tools people with cancer need to live life on their own terms. The LAF serves its mission through advocacy, public health, and research. Founded in 1997 by cancer survivor and champion cyclist Lance Armstrong, the LAF is located in Austin, Texas.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) is committed to supporting the cancer fight and offering concrete ways for survivors to help make cancer a national priority. Join us and other cancer groups to end the suffering caused by cancer.

As part of our national work, the LAF is organizing local LIVESTRONG armies across the country. A local LIVESTRONG Army is a dynamic group of people who unite to make cancer a priority in their community, at the state level and across the country. Local LIVESTRONG armies can:

  • Grow the LIVESTRONG Army to demonstrate public support for making cancer a national priority and to gain the power necessary to effect change

  • Raise public awareness about the need for cancer to be a national priority

  • Raise money or initiate projects that fund or address cancer issues

  • Demand leadership accountability on making cancer a national priority

  • Advocate for the LAF's national policy agenda

  • Advocate for issues of local concern

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